Our Perspective

A Professional Approach to Contracting

Our homes are the highest-value assets that most of us will ever own, so why shouldn’t we expect the same level of expertise, professionalism, and care from the contractors we hire as we do from an accountant, lawyer, or any other professional service?

This is the question we asked ourselves before we started Home Comfort Insulation, and the only answer is the simple one: the current industry standards are just way too low. That’s why every decision we make, from who we hire to how we work, is centered around one goal:

Delivering the smoothest experience you’ve ever had with a contractor.

Our focus on this one simple goal is how a small, local business started by two brothers has quickly become the top rated company in our industry statewide.

What We Stand For

Our Core Principles

Maximizing Value Delivered

From the thoroughness of our inspections and the depth of our knowledge to the quality of our installs and precision of our cleanup, we’re able to provide outsized value by keeping our standards high and spending as much time, energy, and attention as it takes to make sure each step of the process is completed to the best of our ability. We’re firm believers that being efficient and effective doesn’t have to mean that you should ever feel rushed through the process.

Systems-Based Thinking

We understand that every part of your home works together to keep you comfortable and healthy while keeping your energy bills in-check. Insulation is our area of expertise, but we have a thorough understanding of the way your HVAC system, your home’s air-sealing, and your insulation work together to achieve these goals. This enables us to make cost-effective recommendations that solve the source of your home’s problems rather than simply putting band-aids on the symptoms, whether or not those solutions include insulation.

“Good Enough” isn’t Good Enough

Conscientiousness is the quality of wishing to do one’s work well, even when nobody else is watching. This is the defining feature of our company and the first thing we look for when hiring new team members. From our 5-star customer service to our top-caliber installs, we focus on the details whether you notice or not because we believe that how you do anything is how you do everything.

Who We Are

Meet the Team:

Jacob Shapiro, Company Owner and Your Personal Home Comfort Expert

From Ecology to Insulation: How I Got Started as a Contractor

After getting a degree in biology from University of Richmond in Virginia I started a career as a research ecologist, traveling to some of the most beautiful places in the country. Although I loved the work, I wasn’t going to be able to have the control over my career that I wanted without going back to school for a PhD and I wasn’t quite ready for five more years of school (or another $200k in student loans).

I had decided to take some time to explore other career paths when a friend convinced me to move back to my hometown of Coeur d’Alene to help him run his rapidly growing roofing company. In the course of working on his business I took a careful look at the residential construction industry as a whole and quickly realized that there was a lot of room to improve the way that most contractors run their businesses, and I happened to have the skill set to make the changes I wanted to see.

My planned year off turned into a mission to build a business that changes what we expect from a contractor, leading by example in the industry with the most to gain from a conscientious nerd who enjoys digging into building science – insulation. A PhD is still likely on the horizon, but for now I have my hands full working to help people in the Boise area stay comfortable in their homes.

Hayden & Micah, our Expert Installers

Hayden Shapiro

Lead Installer & Co-Owner

As a co-owner and co-founder of the business, Hayden is the lead installer on every project we work on. If you have a question on install day, he has the answer.

Micah Moberly

Install Team Member

A graduate of Boise Bible College and the anchor of our team, Micah brings a strong attention to detail and positive attitude to each and every project.

What We Are:

Residential Specialists

One of the benefits of only doing a few things over and over again: you get really good at it. By keeping our focus as narrow as possible and continuously working to refine our process, we’ve been able to become the very best at what we do. We’re as confident as can be when we call ourselves your local Home Comfort Experts.

Results Focused

Starting with the recommendations we make during our inspection and on through the methods we use during our install, we’re focused on finding the source of your home’s problems and providing effective solutions, with guaranteed results that will last a lifetime.

True Professionals

From inspection to clean-up and every step in-between, we take ourselves seriously and have our process down to a science. What you get from us is a professional attitude and expert service, delivered with a smile. Our constant goal: the smoothest experience you’ve ever had with a contractor.

What We’re Not:

The Biggest

When we say we’re a small business, we mean small. Although we may grow in the future, we’re starting off slow to make sure we have our systems down to a T. For now Home Comfort Insulation is just the three of us: Jacob, Hayden, and Micah. While we have our workflow down well and can complete most projects in less than a day, if you’re in need of a large crew we won’t be the best fit for you.

The Cheapest

To provide the level of service and attention to detail that we offer, our prices are rarely the lowest you’ll find. This goes towards paying our installers well, providing them with benefits, and giving them the authority to take as much time at each home as it takes to get the job done right. If finding the absolute lowest price is your goal and you don’t mind the typical “contractor experience”, you’ll be better served by one of the larger, high-throughput insulation companies in the area.

The “Jack of All Trades”

To be the best at what we do, we keep a narrow focus. We don’t work on commercial projects, new construction, or anything else besides existing homes. Specializing in a limited number of services helps us continually improve our systems and allows us to excel at what we do.