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Most Crawlspace Vapor Barriers Aren’t Doing Their Job

From incomplete coverage to un-taped seams, most crawlspace vapor barriers aren’t doing their job because they’re either too old or weren’t properly installed in the first place.

Prevent mold under your home by investing in a functional crawlspace vapor barrier.

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How A Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Works

Your crawlspace vapor barrier is the first line of defense between your crawlspace and mold.

By covering your entire crawlspace floor with a continuous sheet of heavy-duty plastic, a functional crawlspace vapor barrier will stop ground moisture from evaporating into your crawlspace for the next few decades.

A Functional Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Will Give You:

Lower Crawlspace Mold Risk

Moisture in the ground naturally evaporates up into your crawlspace, making it the perfect environment for mold to grow. A crawlspace vapor barrier keeps the moisture down in the ground where it belongs, leaving you with a mold-free home.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Unless your ductwork is perfectly sealed (and we rarely find one that actually is), small gaps in your HVAC system pull in air from your crawlspace and blow it throughout your home. A vapor barrier reduces the dust in your crawlspace, leaving you with better indoor air quality and a cleaner home.

A Cleaner Crawlspace

Did we mention your crawlspace is dirty? Literally, the floor is dirt. A crawlspace vapor barrier keeps the space clean, whether you’re using it for storage or crawling down there to run a wire or service your ductwork.

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Here’s How We Install Your Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

A Vapor Barrier that Does its Job

The 5 Things That Matter Most When Installing a Crawlspace Vapor Barrier

Just because there’s plastic on your crawlspace floor doesn’t mean it’s doing its job. These are the 5 things we focus on most when installing a crawlspace vapor barrier to make sure it’ll protect your home from moisture and mold for decades.

1. Complete Coverage

If your vapor barrier isn’t covering the entire crawlspace floor, it has no chance of stopping ground moisture from evaporating up into your crawlspace.

We make sure your entire crawlspace floor is covered with a vapor barrier, from one foundation wall to the other.

crawlspace vapor barrier bare spots
2. Tape Every Seam

Untaped seams in your vapor barrier leave a route for moisture to diffuse up into your crawlspace. We tape every seam in your crawlspace vapor barrier to make sure that it’s actually doing the job it’s supposed to – keeping your crawlspace moisture-free.

3. Use the Right Material

Choosing the wrong material for your crawlspace vapor barrier leaves it prone to tears and degradation over time.

Every crawlspace vapor barrier we install is made of 6mil thick black polyethylene sheeting, the material specified by local building code for its longevity and durability.

crawlspace vapor barrier wrong material
4. Don’t Cover Pipes & Wires

There are often several pipes and wires running along your crawlspace floor. You’ll probably never need to access them, but if you do then you’ll want to be able to find them.

That’s why we make sure to run your crawlspace vapor barrier beneath all pipes and wires we find while working in your crawlspace. Better safe than sorry.

crawlspace vapor barrier run under wires
5. Leave a Little Slack

Now that you have a perfect crawlspace vapor barrier, we help you make sure it stays that way as long as possible by leaving a little bit of slack in the material to minimize the risk of tears and shifting if you or another contractor ever has to go crawling around down there.

crawlspace vapor barrier tears

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What does a crawlspace vapor barrier do?

A crawlspace vapor barrier prevents moisture in the ground from evaporating up into your crawlspace. Moisture in your crawlspace can lead to mold growth, damaging your home’s air quality and eventually causing structural damage to your home.

What material should a crawlspace vapor barrier be?

Your crawlspace vapor barrier should be made of 6mil (or thicker) black polyethylene sheeting.

What type of tape should be used to seal a crawlspace vapor barrier?

All seams of the vapor barrier should be sealed with a polyethylene tape specifically designed for use in crawlspace vapor barriers. Here’s a link to Blue Summit Supplies Vapor Barrier Tape, the tape we use on every install.

How do I know if my current vapor barrier is good enough?

If your vapor barrier completely covers your crawlspace floor, all of its seams are taped, and is free of any splits or tears, you can rest assured that it’s doing its job. If not, it’s likely letting ground moisture evaporate up into your crawlspace.

How long does it take you to install a crawlspace vapor barrier?

Our install time for a crawlspace vapor barrier varies based on the size of your home and complexity of your crawlspace, but we can usually install a crawlspace vapor barrier in one day of work or less, typically ranging from 4-8 hours.

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