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Time to Get Rid of That Old Insulation?

Whether you’re trying to recover from a burst pipe in your crawlspace or a mold issue in your attic, insulation removal is the first step in restoring your home.

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Why Remove Your Old Insulation?

Removing your old insulation isn’t always the right choice, but if you’re trying to make an older home more efficient, are dealing with excessive indoor dust, or are recovering from a roof leak, burst pipe, or other mold-causing moisture-issue, insulation removal is the first step towards solving your problem.

Insulation Removal Will Give You:

Better Indoor Air Quality

Old insulation is pretty dirty and accumulates a lot of nasty stuff over time, like dust, mold, and pest droppings. Removing your old insulation gets rid of the filth and lets us air-seal your home before installing new insulation, leaving you with better air quality, less dust, and no funky smells in your home.

Lower Energy Bills All Year

Home air-sealing wasn’t required in the Boise area until 2006, which means homes built before then have hundreds of gaps in the attic and subfloor letting air pass into your home. The DOE estimates that these gaps allow as much air leakage as an open window, accounting for 10-20% of your energy bills in the average home! Removing your old insulation lets us air seal all of these gaps before we re-insulate, closing that open window and leaving you with a more efficient home.
See the DOE Report Here.

Recover From Water Damage

If you’re recovering from a roof leak, a burst pipe, or any other moisture issue in your attic or crawlspace, removing your old insulation to prevent future mold growth is the first step in restoring your home.

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Want to Know How We Remove Your Old Insulation?

Here’s How It’s Done

Attic Insulation Removal

Imagine a giant shop-vac powered by a riding lawnmower engine with the biggest vacuum bag you’ve ever seen, and you’ll have a good idea of how we remove your old attic insulation. Watch our lead installer Hayden work through an attic insulation removal project in the video below.

Crawlspace Insulation Removal

A bunch of trash bags, a big trailer, and a whole lot of elbow grease is all it takes us to remove your crawlspace insulation. All old insulation is bagged up down in the crawlspace and our path from your front door to the access is protected with canvas, so you can rest assured that your house will stay clean through the process.

You Have Questions?

We Have Answers

How do I know if I need insulation removal?
When is insulation removal worth it?

Most people don’t need to have their old insulation removed and when upgrading your attic insulation we can simply add more on top of what is already there, but there are a few situations where insulation removal is the best option for your home.

Recovering From Water Damage or Mold in the Attic or Crawlspace:

Removing your old moldy or water-damaged insulation after a roof leak, burst pipe, or other moisture issue is the only way to prevent recurring mold issues in your attic or crawlspace in the long-term

Maximizing Energy Efficiency in a Home Built Before 2006:

Removing the old insulation in your attic or crawlspace gives us access to your attic floor or subfloor, where we can air-seal all of the gaps in your home’s wall top plates and electrical, plumbing, & duct penetrations. According to the Department of Energy, properly air sealing these places can save you 10-20% or more on your annual energy bills while reducing drafts in your home. See the DOE Air Sealing Report Here.

Improving Indoor Air Quality in a Dusty or Musky Home:

The same air-sealing process that improves the efficiency of your home also improves your indoor air quality by stopping air from passing through these gaps and into your home, carrying the decades of dust, dirt, and funky smells that have built up in your old insulation

Will my home get dirty during insulation removal?

From the way we set up to the equipment we use, we do everything possible to keep your home clean during every insulation removal project. All insulation is fully contained as it travels from your attic or crawlspace to our disposal trailer, so you can rest assured that your home will stay clean throughout the process.

How long does it take to remove insulation?

In most cases we can complete an attic or crawlspace insulation removal project in one day. The time it takes ultimately depends on the size and complexity of the space, but you can typically expect us to be working in your home for a full day.

Can I be home during insulation removal?

Yes, you’re completely safe being in your home while we’re removing your old insulation. The only interruption to your day will be the path from your crawlspace or attic access being covered with canvas to protect your floors while we make trips back and forth to our trailer throughout the day, leaving your front or garage door propped open, and the sound of our removal vacuum outside if we’re removing your old attic insulation.

Do you remove asbestos/vermiculite insulation?

No, we do not remove asbestos/vermiculite insulation – for our safety and yours.

If you have asbestos insulation in your attic, we recommend contacting a company that specializes in asbestos abatement – they have highly specialized equipment to ensure that the asbestos dust is completely contained throughout the process.

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